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Medical Billing Services in Illinois for Optimal Revenue Management​​

Error-Free Claim Scrubbing

Our attention to detail for accurate claim scrubbing produces clean and error-free claims – ensuring swift reimbursements while drastically decreasing the likelihood of claim denials/rejections.

Efficient Payment Posting

We post EOBs and ERAs timely along with our experts verifying every single claim for accurate and appropriate payments. All of that, in addition to our A/R team regularly following up on any of the rejected or denied claims.

Timely Eligibility Checks

Our experts confirm each patient's insurance eligibility for the services to be performed in order to streamline your processes and shorten account receivable days, in addition to circumventing denials.

Top Medical Billing Company in Illinois

Top Medical Billing Company offers medical practices across IL a wonderful opportunity to maximize revenue collections and lower the A/R levels to the bare minimum. As a professional medical billing services provider, we have a record of maintaining a staggering 99% claims acceptance rate, which is unmatched compared to other medical billing outsourcing companies in IL. It is about time your practice considers a professional medical claims billing service offering your staff the necessary support to keep the practice operationally and financially healthy.
Medical Billing Services in Illinois | TMBC

Cost-Effective Medical Billing Services in Illinois

Top Medical Billing Company is one of the largest billing services providers in the USA. We offer RCM, comprehensive billing audit, and the best medical billing services in Illinois. 

Billing operations and claim reimbursements are an essential part of the healthcare industry. Physicians’ practices across the USA are required to ensure compliance and effectiveness of claim submissions. It is primarily because a medical practice, hospital, nursing home, or clinic can only survive with timely and complete payments. That can only be made possible if the services offered by these practices are being billed errorless, cleanly, and on time. Some studies suggest that many medical practices lack adequate resources for prompt billing services. 

Thus resulting in lower revenue collections which render practices financially stagnant. Delayed or denied payments affect the overall patient care services as physicians and doctors face financial and operational distractions.

Supercharge your revenue with Top Medical Billing Company

Benefits of Outsourcing to TMBC the Top Medical Billing Services Provider

TMBC staff shall not only take care of your financial burdens, but as a company, we strive to improve your overall revenue cycle management operations. Better RCM is our assurance to all our partner practices across Illinois. As you are the best at providing patient care, at TMBC we are the best at offering efficient billing services in healthcare. Our success is interlinked and mutually beneficial. Below are some of the reasons why our partners and clients decided to choose our services over our competitors; these include the following:

Increased Cash Flow

Timely and persistent cash inflow works as the backbone of medical practice. Billing experts at our company put innumerable efforts into implementing a steady and secure RCM to ensure timely reimbursements.

Swift Submissions

With well-suited health systems and software, we submit your claims faster. Incorporating modern technological solutions, TMBC reduces manual and human errors to eliminate overheads.

Reduced Expenses

Medical practices can save expenses incurred on hiring office spaces, staff, and computers by outsourcing their medical billing operations. TMBC works independently in their own offices, with billers as employees for completing tasks.

Simplified Reporting

In addition to offering you on-demand reports, we keep you updated on the overall financial situation of your practice by sending you charge submission checklists and overview reports periodically.

Insurance Verifications

As your medical billing claims specialist, we keep you informed with updated reports for locating the functional and structural gaps in health/insurance plans. We keep you posted on whether or not patients' insurance plans cover the services/treatments to be performed.


At Top Medical Billing Company, we offer your go-to practice solutions for assisting you with the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry. We make it possible by providing trusted medical billing outsourcing per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Claim Denial Prevention

Most payers give up to 90 days for resubmission of denials; this is where our Top Medical Billing Company team takes prompt actions and quickly rectifies any/all errors. We also periodically inform physicians about the claims' active status.

Proficient Client Support

Our expert staff is available and approachable 24/7 to all levels of your concerns and queries. Whenever you get stuck in credentialing, RCM or want to review your monthly collections and charge submissions, request dedicated support from our experts.

Why choose TMBC as your Billing Partner?

We provide top-of-the-line medical billing services in Illinois to providers having multiple specialties. With our expert billers, we offer excellent billing and audit services, which add value to your revenue cycle management. All of that without having to compromise on the HIPAA rules and regulations.

Who We Serve

Top Medical Billing Company is a professionally recognized medical billing company near you in Illinois, serving different small to large-scale organizations. Our partners include:

TMBC is your Best Medical Billing Services Provider

Top medical billing company, help you save time and money. With years of experience and conducting hundreds of surveys, we understand that most healthcare practitioners stress over patient care and billing operations simultaneously. Patient treatment is one tough job in itself; thus, managing claims and maintaining ongoing follow-ups for A/R should not add to it.

We offer accurate medical billing services in Illinois to help physicians optimize their practice performance and efficiently manage financial operations. Each unique specialty has its own set of rules, and at TMBC, we offer perfect solutions to rule out any gaps that may hinder your practice’s growth. Outsourcing to TMBC – the best medical billing services provider, you get one of a kind satisfaction, as you won’t have to keep tabs on each and every claim yourself. Our team of experts does this professionally for you, along with timely claim submissions. You only would have to take care of your patients, and we will make sure that all your payments reach you without any delays or denials.

Outsourcing Medical Billing Services in Illinois

Our staff is dedicated to making your practice independent by offering fast and accurate medical billing services. With Account Receivables pending and those unbearable claim denials affecting your practice’s revenue, you must find where your practice is lacking.

Medical billing and management services from TMBC are your answer to all your billing and coding issues that are holding back your growth. As a physician practice, you must outsource medical billing operations to make your life easy by focusing solely on patient care instead of worrying about revenue fluctuations.

Our Medical Billing Company in Illinois Works as an Extension of Your Practice

As your strategic billing partner, we work alongside your staff as an extension to it. We become a part of your team, so you can heal and solely focus on what matters the most; patient care. Leave the financial and operational burdens to us because as a pioneer in the industry, we understand the critical purpose that your nurses, doctors, front-desk staff, and techs play in the working model of your organization. TMBC is here to support that purpose of working together as a team and offer absolute best care to patients.
Being a professional practice or hospitalist, you have a complete team of professionals who ensure that your patient receives proper and timely care from the moment they walk in through the door – TMBC will become a part of that!
Medical Billing Services in Illinois | TMBC
Medical Billing Services in Illinois | TMBC

Our Motivation as your Medical Billing Specialist Company

At TMBC your exponential growth is our number one priority. Your business directly affects our business, so your financial stability is essential to our offered services. Other than your investors or/and your business partners, TMBC is the only organization that will work to nurture your revenue cycle management as we pledge the top-level tending of your practice’s RCM.

Transform your Financial Performance with Our Comprehensive Medical Billing Services in Illinois.

Experience the Difference with the Top Medical Billing Company in Illinois

TMBC is a leading customer-centric company, and our mission is to offer accurate and reliable medical billing services in Illinois, targeting to fetch your organization the best return on investment. Top medical billing company is one of the best billing companies in Illinois, offering bespoke go-to solutions to every type and size of medical practices. We provide effective solutions to healthcare professionals to tackle all of the regulatory challenges. Our team of experienced billing specialists, and auditors, offer the following:

Value-Adding Revenue Cycle Management

We offer holistic RCM processes for identifying loopholes in your billing processes, preventing revenue leakage, and maintaining your medical practice’s financial viability. Our billing services are designed to put your growth on track.

Efficient Medical Billing Audit Services in Illinois

TMBC offers a suite of audit solutions that fortify vulnerabilities of your compliance program. We help resolve the key risk areas including navigating profitability, accuracy, and peace of mind.

Affordable Medical Billing Services in Illinois

Top medical billing company aims to offer quality billing and RCM services at affordable rates. At TMBC, our onboarding process is straightforward and comes with no hidden charges.

What Top Medical Billing Company has in Store for You?

TMBC works to ensure maximum reimbursement at the minimum cost with end-to-end medical billing services in Illinois. We do not only monitor your practice account or make easy claim submissions, but we work to manage your operations actively from top to bottom. Thus, effectively improving your practice’s financial performance. Your practice stands to get:

Appeals and Follow-Ups

For denial management, our A/R specialists take on swift and effective actions for swift reimbursements. Our team also keeps you updated on the status of appeals and reprocessing.

Charge Entry

At TMBC, we ensure timely reimbursements through our error-free and detailed entry process for ensuring approvals of claim submissions. We have a staggering 98% first-time pass rate.

Electronic Submission

Re-submission and corrections of claims are completed systematically in a timely manner for claims which are used to resolve and identify the issues immediately.

Easier Transitions and Quick Setups

Irrespective of the location, specialty, and size of your practice, Top Medical Billing Company makes the transitioning phase a lot easier, simpler, cost-effective, and painless experience. Outsourcing your billing operation to us can help you improve patient satisfaction metrics. That is in addition to securing their data, boosting your revenue, and significantly reducing administrative tasks. our experts handle the entire setup, EDI implementation, documentation, process coordination, and training at no additional costs whatsoever. With TMBC, you only have to pay for the dollars that we collect for your practice.
Our dedicated implementation team takes you through a simple program for setting up our services for your practice. These setups include everything from electronic claims, procedures, fee schedules, follow-up parameters, and personalized report generation. All you need to do is sit back and forget all about the complex operations of medical billing. Top Medical Billing Company has your back for ICD-10 or other regulatory changes which can affect your bottom line.

Medical Billing Services for New Practices in Illinois

Top Medical Billing Company specializes in setting up new practices in Illinois. We understand how hard it is to invest in expensive software, services, and technology without knowing how many patients your practice will get. Other providers charge an arm and a leg, while our billing services are structured to save you money right from the get-go. Our experts will walk you through all phases of setting up your practice, including provider credentialing, implementation, and the starting few months of critical operations.
Our experience in the medical industry helps us circumnavigate many of the start-up glitches and help you run at the peak of your efficiency, with minimal working staff from day one. We are here for the long haul; partner with us to grow your practice.

Launch your new practice in Illinois with confidence and cost savings with Top Medical Billing Company.

Specialties that Top Medical Billing Company Caters

At TMBC, we manage every kind of specialty operation under one roof; in addition to the below-mentioned specialties, we offer your practice the best healthcare solutions. We efficiently work on your revenue cycle optimization with efficient billing and auditing services.
Medical Billing Services in Illinois | TMBC

To all Physicians out there - Reduce Administrative Load and Relish the Peace of Mind

The financial stability of a physician is just as important as their physical well-being. Hence, to meet the demands of the revenue cycle, it is important that we understand the rules to abide by, and only the billing experts like us can manage that for private practices and larger healthcare entities across the USA. While generalized billing procedures are similar for most specialties, however, there are some differences in ICD-10 and CPT codes. This is where our expertise comes to the rescue. The prime job of a medical billing company is to streamline the claims creation process to the very end point of fetching reimbursements.

Our Service Locations in Illinois

With a wide-reaching presence, our medical billing expertise caters to multiple cities in Illinois, delivering comprehensive billing solutions to healthcare providers; these include:

Medical Billing Services for Small Practices in Illinois

Smaller medical practices work with limited monetary and human resources and thus require prompt and efficient revenue collections. A smoother cash inflow is important for keeping small-scale practices sustainable. TMBC offers tailored RCM and medical billing services in Illinois for physicians to provide value-adding support.
Our RCM and billing solutions are just the right mix for your small-scale practice, and the best part is that our billing packages are affordable. We offer custom medical billing, coding, and auditing plans to private practices to meet their billing requirements. At TMBC, our claims reimbursement rate is 99%.
Medical Billing Services in Illinois | TMBC

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